Automobile Window Tinting

No matter what you drive, Automotive Window films can give your car a custom look that’s right for you. Choose from a complete selection of films that vary in color, shades and construction. Maryland legal window films available!

Enhance your Driving Experience

Professional Auto Window Tinting

Doctor Tint and Details installs the highest quality automotive window films designed to provide many benefits for you and your automobile. Automotive window film is typically perceived as a way to just improve the appearance of your vehicle, which it does. However, there are several other benefits to tinting the windows of your car or truck.

The window film used by Doctor Tint and Details’ qualified installers will enhance your driving experience and help maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle. Our professional staff will help you select the type of film that best suits your automobile window tinting needs.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Rejecting up to 80% of the total Solar Energy entering the vehicle
Reducing the sun’s glare
Rejecting 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays
Reducing intense bright spots on sunny days and blinding headlights during the night
Preventing the vehicle’s interior from cracking and fading
Reducing air conditioning load and improving fuel efficiency
Helping to hold shards of broken glass together in accidents
Creating a safer and more comfortable driving environment

Automobile Window Tinting Price List

Windshield Top Strip $50 ▪ Small Sunroof $35 ▪  Stripping of Old Film $125 min. ▪  Large Sunroof $75

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